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'82 CJ Converting to Six Bolt Hubs

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I'm converting my five bolt hubs to six bolt from an old drum brake CJ-5 donor. I'm attempting to put my rotors on the old CJ-5 hubs and for the life of me cannot get them to pull together. Is this normal for this conversion? My google-fu isn't helping me much today.

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The drum brake wheel hub won't work with the disk unless you get the surface machined to allow them to mate together. I think 1980 was the last year for 6 bolt locking hubs so you could get the wheel hub from one of those and it should work with your spindle.
I just took everything but the spindle off a 1980 front end and put it on a later model widetrack and it all bolted right up. Both of mine were already disc though.

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Whomp Whomp. Probably cost just as much to machine the parts as it would to buy new hubs from quadratec.
I'll hang on to the donor Warn hubs (already gone through them and cleaned them up) and slap the hub assemblies back on the CJ-5 axle and throw it on marketplace.
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