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8" sub console project, pics inside...

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The rain they threatened us with hasn't shown itself, so I dove into building this weekend. It's not done yet, I'm waiting for the last of the fiberglass to dry, then I can knock down the big lumps and spray some cheapo bedliner over it.

So to start with, you need a plan. I started with what was suggested here - , but some of his numbers didn't fit my Jeep too well, mainly the height of the rear part of the notch for the emergency brake. It could be because he has the stock sub brackets to hold everything in place, whereas mine is sitting floor level.

Anyway, I whipped up my own plan.....

The math comes out to 0.233 cubic feet of airspace before sub displacement. My sub takes up 0.03 ft^3 and is recommended for a 0.20 ft^3 box stuffed with polyfill. I got lucky there, didn't I?

After that I started gathering materials.

I used a 2'x2' piece of 5/8" particle board from Lowe's because it was cheap and is plenty strong enough for a low powered 8 in a box with no large flat surfaces. That one sheet wasn't quite enough, but I had some scraps laying around.

Here are some prices, some are estimates because I had it laying around
5/8" by 2'x2' particle board - $3.57
Wood glue - $2.57 (and a bottle will make probably 20 of these boxes)
1-1/4" drywall screws - ~$3 (or clamps, or brad nails)
1 qt fiberglass resin - $12.96 (I should have went to Walmart, it was about $10)
1 package fiberglass cloth - $4.68 (should be enough for 2 boxes)
1 can truck bedliner spray - $6.96
Card board - come on, you can find free card board!
Masking tape - I have no clue what this stuff costs, I have like 10 rolls here

Of course you'll need other stuff like a measuring tape, latex gloves, a jigsaw or tablesaw or circular saw. I used a jigsaw and then made my angles with a wood rasp (I really need to get some better tools....).

Anyway, more pics, since you all are getting bored by now.

So the cutting began. For those of you who never made a box before, here's how you cut out the circle for the sub. Drill a hole, and start from there. I made my cutout 8.5" in diameter because I was later making a ring to flush mount the sub.

And some of the pieces cutout.

This was about when I decided it was way too nice out and quit working Friday to go for a nice long motorcycle ride. It's fun riding this on the street. :D

Yes it's a two-stroke, and yes I get lots of funny looks.