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600-16 tires

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I need new tires for my 1957 wyllis . found "Coker" tire on speedway and was wondering if anyone knows anything about them. also considered new rims maybe a different size. any thoughts or suggestions?
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Are you international, old gent?

If not, the CJ Forum may get you more replies.

The Coker tires are all remans of classic tyres, and priced accordingly. If you do not want absolute originality, they are probably poor value.

I use Good Year Hi miler bias ply tyres on my 1951 CJ3A, 7.00x15. They are what we used to call 'Town and Country" and are great on highway and off road. They are tall and skinny and look the part and a 1951 CJ3A will never go fast anyway.

There was a thread about a month ago on the CJ forum of an early CJ5 owner looking for bias ply tires. He found some, Power King.


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