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you posted this in a Event section, might be better in the Texas regional section though not sure how many look there.

On line today many clubs use Face book. But many clubs are more then just Face book or even say a web page. Clubs that have say monthly meeting in real life, have runs each month, work on local trail issues. The tend to be Non profit status. This way funds and charities are better watched over a board. Im am sure Texas has full on clubs like most states do. Picking one that fits as well. Clubs here in AZ tend to been open to join just have to attend a few meetings and runs. This way you can "cllub" shop. Some clubs lean to harder to stuff others easier some a mix. Some run events as well those clubs tend to be more "work". But a lot of fun and alot of jeeping.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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