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304 V8 - Can't get ANY oil pressure

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1972 Jeep CJ5 with a 304 V8. All fresh rebuilt, new front cover, new oil pump basically everything new. I set the engine in frame today, put the break in oil in via the distributor. I am using the old distributor modified so I can attach to my drill to prime the engine. I also have a mechanical oil pressure gauge hooked up to the sending unit port. I started running the drill "clockwise" to build pressure and nothing, gauge never moves. I reversed the drill for a dozen or so rotations and then forward again and still no oil pressure.

I removed the oil filter(it was dry) and the oil pump cover plate. I packed it with moly engine assembly lube, put the cover plate back on. Re-Test - Still nothing. Pulled the oil pressure relief cap off, spring and took out the plunger. Did not see any blockage/problem and plunger moves easily into recess hole. Installed spring and cap, still nothing on Re-Test.
I remember when I set the new oil pan on, I verified the sump pickup was within specs, put blu-loctite on the threads before screwing into block. I have 6 qts of the break in oil in the pan right now. According to my dipstick it is about a qt overfull, but filter is still dry so it will drop and I will adjust as needed once I get oil pressure.

Anybody have some ideas/insight as to what I can try next? Everything I have tried still no oil pressure.
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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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