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224th and meridian.

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If you are these forums and travel on 224th. That intersection is not jeep friendly. I'll call again but if more people could the sensor has a hard time picking up jeeps.

I sat behind another jeep for a few rotations of the light. Traffic got backed up pretty good almost to the middle school.

Until they fix it if it skips me when I sit there I just go when it's clear in the mornings.
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If any other Wrangler owners are having problems here the state number is 253-548-2420 to report the signal. other vehicles dont seem to be affected I don't imagine motorcycles set the sensor off if a Wrangler cant.
thanks for the info
I don't know why that would be (is your Jeep lifted - thinking it might be too far for the sensor to pick up?), I've not experienced that at any intersection in the area. We pass through this one a couple of times a week.

When I rode a cycle I always had to drop the kickstand down on the sensor to activate the light but never in a vehicle.

You must be the lucky one! Go buy a lotto ticket!

No issues for us 4" lift on 35's -

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I thought it was just me but I saw another lifted jeep the other day and traffic back almost to the school.

Lifted and also on 35's
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