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I joined this forum in 2013 when we had a 2013 JKU sport. My wife and I had never been wheeling and had no clue as to what the "Jeep Lifestyle" was. It only took 1 time wheeling with some friends and we were hooked.

So about 7 months into owning our '13 we ordered Brutus, a '14 4 door Rubicon. Ordered 01/23/14 and he got here 9 weeks later on 03/27/14.

Brutus was ordered for my wife and she had a "look" she was after. I wanted a Jeep with some substance as well, so this is a combination of both our goals.

This last November she bought a '16 Willys and Brutus became mine. Now the mods consist of removing what she bought for look, and replacing with what I want :)

So here's a few current pics, I'll continue on with modifications in the next couple of posts.

Here are the current specs.
4.88 gears
3" Mopar/Teraflex Lift
1.25" Teraflex body lift
Teraflex monster track bar
Teraflex Big Rotor Kit
Teraflex carrier
Teraflex diff covers
Yeti Tie Rod
Yeti Drag Link
FOX steering stabilizer
Artec front axle truss/C gussets/CA skids
Synergy Ball Joints
Revolution 4340 Rear Axles
Superwinch 9500s
37x13.5x17 Toyo Open Country MT
BMF Novakane (Death Metal) 17x9 wheels
XRC front bumper/SRC sides
EVO rear bumper facia
Teraflex rear cargo rack
Factor 55 prolink
ACE fender liners
Spiderweb shade
Antenna X
Ace license relocate
Trimmed factory fenders
Trimmed pinch seams
Bedlined rear wheel wells
Rugged Ridge A pillar & switches
Bussman relay box
Two 4" LED cubes
One 21" LED bar
25 LED rock lights
2 LED rear lights

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So while Brutus was being built we planned out how we wanted to modify him. The goal was a 3" lift and 35s. At the last minute the wife DEMANDED 37s, ugh. Already bought the lift but we went with 37s anyways..

So Brutus came home for the first time, within 30 minutes we yanked the carpet out. Pulled the factory bumpers & rock rails and started installing the ones she had bought. Painted the exhaust and painted the Tearflex brakes prior to install.


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Next up was trimming pinch seams, bedlining the rear wells and installing rear axle shafts.

Short while after that it was time for 4.88 gears. Gears are over my pay grade so I used a local shop (Harmon 4X4) to install them. Added the Teraflex HD diff covers at the same time.

Somewhere along the line we installed some LEDs, front light bar and cubes plus several lights underneath. Also new unit bearings:


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Now about this time Brutus became my toy. First up was the removal of the Smitty rear bumper. We chopped the frame down and installed the EVO rear facia and ACE license relocate. Again my dad wanted in on some of the action, so he broke out one of his favorite power tools :)

So now that the Jeep was about finished I decided it was time for a new toy:

WHATEVER!!!! I ain't made of money :laugh: Just a cool truck in my parking lot at work...

Anywho, back to the build; we were starting realize some limitations with the Jeep, so we added a 1.25" Teraflex body lift for a little extra clearance, Clarence. Also added the Steersmarts YETI tie rod and drag link.

Next up was the Teraflex rear cargo shelf, and ACE fender liners.

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