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2013 JK Brake problems after Oil Cooler Replacement

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I have a 2013 3.6 JKU Wrangler. I recently replaced the all-too-common problem with the oil cooler. As soon as I got it back on the road, the braked started malfunctioning with dashboard warning lights and a squishy feel.

OK, I replaced the master cylinder, but now that it is back on the road, the brake problem is still the same.

Any ideas or hints are appreciated.
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The dash was telling you Codes. No codes, is like asking a Taro card reader.

Might want stop replacing parts until you at least know what it is saying is wrong. But a Code that says say 02 bank 1. That could be a wire issue or it could be the O2.

The only think i can think of is that..Maybe you have a vacuum leak installing all the top end parts, could maybe cause the PB to feel soft. You might have knocked something loose, left some not connected.


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Yup, probably a vacuum leak. You got to pull most of those lines to replace the oil cooler housing.
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