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2012 Jeep wrangler 3.6L

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Found this 2012 Jeep wrangler 3.6L on one of this auction site tho haven’t started biding yet but I’m showing it off here on the forum to help check if it’s worth getting and want to see if it’s a legit seller even tho it’s on a site
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We can't answer those questions about the seller because we have no details at all. As far as is it worth it, depends on what is eventually sells for. It's certainly modified, which is not normally what is recommended to buy as you don't know the quality of the mods. We don't know mileage or any details on the mods and how it was used prior to the auction. Was it a mall crawler, a forest road queen or a hard core off road vehicle? Doors, top included or is it as it sits? It has big tires, was it regeared and does it have the programmer with it? Was the recalled head replaced? Looks like the auto, which is a good transmission but the 12's have a trans pan prone to rusting out. It's not a hard fix and while doing it, replace the filter. Point being, you really need to inspect it closely, which is hard to do on an auction.

I have a 2012 2 Dr Sport. Currently has 110K on it. I would call it a hard core rock crawler and it is mostly trailered now. If that one was used like mine is and has the mileage on it, I would probably pass on it. If it has been a mall crawler, I would probably go for it.

If you are looking for a value, as it is sitting in the pics, and you don't have any more info, I wouldn't go above $12K. With what used Jeeps are selling for, I doubt $12K is a winning bid, probably $15-$18K is more what someone would pay. That someone wouldn't be me though.
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