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I just want to share that on my 2012 Grand Cherokee Overland the interior lights and radio won't shout off when exiting drivers door ( passenger door works) and the problem was not broken wires in the door jamb hinge area. I searched everywhere online and youtube for help but could not find the solution. I finally found that the problem was caused by the drivers door lock assembly! Inside the door lock assembly is a tiny switch which sends a signal to the computer that the door is unlocked which then turns off the radio and interior lights when exiting the car. I replaced the door lock assembly and it fixed the problem. Unfortunately it's virtually impossible to replace the $5.00 micro switch in the door lock. It took me awhile to figure out how to release the window glass by pushing the little plastic button/tabs after you line them up in the metal window rails and then take the door panel off. I hope this information helps somebody else.
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