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2011 Go Topless Day Jaffery, NH

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May 14th, 2011 -
Join All Things Jeep at The Grand View Inn & Resort for our 4th Annual World Wide Go Topless Day for Jeeps!

580 Mountain Road
Jaffrey, NH 03452

Parking donation is just $10 per Jeep at the gate!
Catering by the resort staff, BBQ style, not included with entry.
Vendor area
Club booth areas
RTI Ramp Area
Trail rides, $5, including three levels of difficulty for stock, moderate and hard core mud and rocks.

No outside food or alcohol allowed.

More information coming soon.
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Hopefully I have that day off!!
I'll be there!
Ill be topless...but have my bikini top tucked away just in case of rain!
Im meeting up with a buddy at the Peterborough Dunkin Donuts around 9ish then going to the location if anyone wants to meet there.
nice pics man, Ill try to pull some still pics from the gopro and post em up too.

This was an awesome event! they had music, food, beer (for after the ride), bunch of different vendors and TONS and TONS of sick jeeps!! Three different trails to pick from and the weather was a little overcast but the rain held off!
haha in your first pic of the second post you can see Kenny's XJ with the spare tire on the roof rack in front of your windshield

threw this together last night
Yeah that was me. Thanks. We got a lot of funny stares when we got down to the staging area lol and I know I saw a ton of people taking pics of it, but I have still not seen one :-( I told my wife about it and I'm not sure she believes me. I need proof lol. The jeep isn't overly happy with me either, I think I killed my rear springs.
wow man I saw that!! :highfive: sorry I didnt grab any pics of it though:rolleyes:
Here's another video of the first part of the extreme trail. sorry bout the audio, youtube didnt like my "copywrited" song

oh ya we did! the xj in front of me was juuuuuust about at its tipping point. Luckily he made it... Unfortunatly my battery died on the camera before that part so I never got it on tape... Nor did I get the Camel's Hump part. Kinda bummed bout that cause the trail got worse and worse as we continued on!! It was a blast!
found one Thanks to JK_Joyride over at Jonfund for taking it
thats awesome!:highfive:
1 - 11 of 51 Posts
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