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2010 Jeep Wrangler Sport JK 2 door lift and upgrade questions (Advice Needed)

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Hi! :wave:

First and foremost I want to stress that this vehicle is still my daily driver. The only time it ever really gets offroad is on occasional weekends when I am fishing or camping. There is no need to question my choices of tire size etc based simply on the fact that I will not be crawling over a waterfall covered by rocks. I have always wanted a lifted jeep with the "JEEP" look about it. Call it a "Mall Crawler" but I have a stable job now with the funds to get there and I just want friendly advice. Thank you. :2thumbsup:

Now that we have gotten past the formal introduction lets get to talking about the fun stuff! :)

I have recently damaged my jeep wrangler's bumpers and fenders and thought what better time to do everything I have ever wanted to do to my jeep when I first bought it back in 2010.

My Goals:
Be able to successfully drive on 37 nitto mud terrain with no chance of rubbing (daily driver) without fear of structural damage.

My Jeep:
Stock Jeep Wrangler Sport JK 2 door 2010.
Daily Driver
Rarely taken off road except for fishing trails and camping
Mainly a "Mall Crawler" but I would like my jeep to not explode into pieces if I ever drive in a gentle offroad circumstance mainly dirt roads or fishing trails. (It will never be driven that rough)

In order to get to these goals I have read that extensive upgrades need to be done to the vehicle including:

Lift (Please Recommend)
New Drive-train (How Necessary on a "Mall Crawler"?)
New front axle (I hear you need to upgrade to at least a D40 and put 5.13 gearing ratios)
The new gearing ratios (again I hear 5.13)
Sleeve everything
New bumpers and fenders (I don't really want to change these I like the OEM but I also like the stubby bumper and Bushwacker Flat Fenders)
Modification to be able to carry a full size spare.

I understand that I may be missing some things, and this is the main reason I am contacting JeepForum. I would like for you to recommend the ideal setup to get to this goal at a reasonable price (Yes my pockets are deep enough to consider reasonable as less than 10k).

I am also willing to accept advice on how to go to an intermediate step of 35's with the least additional work to finish the modification at a later date to get to 37s. (I dont want to get a 2.5 lift then turn around and need a 3.5 or upgrade my axle then need to go back in later and put new gears on it... etc(wasting money not getting to the end goal)

So if you could please respond with some friendly advice I would be greatly appreciative.

Thanks! :highfive:

Tyler Rash
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Hey Tyler! Great to hear you're making the jump to an off-road capable Jeep! Your dana 30 front axle can hold 37s, but it is NOT recommended. Try to find a dana 44 Rubicon front axle from someone making the jump to a Dynatrac axle, ect. If you are able to find a JK D44 front axle it will be able to hold 37s. On a 3.5" lift and flat fenders you can run 37s with no issues on rubbing. I recommend the 3.5" Rock Krawler Mid Arm Flex kit if you do not plan on wheeling it a lot, but in the case you do end up wheeling more and want a "flexier" lift kit then I would recommend the 3.5" Rock Krawler Triple Threat Long Arm kit . You will need to order a new set of rims if you are going to run 37s also. Your gearing depends on what motor and if you have an automatic/manual transmission. Yes, 5.13s are ideal but some do not prefer them because the lack of power. As far as front and rear bumpers go, which exact style are you looking for? We carry everything from the stinger bumpers to brushguard bumpers. If you are interested you can PM me and list off parts you are looking at and I can make a cart and send you over a quote. Plus! You are a Jeepforum member so you receive the JF discount and free shipping! Hope this helped you out.

-Jim at Vertical4
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