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I don't drive my jeep daily so sometimes the battery is dead if I don't start it for a few weeks. Last week I went to start it , battery was weak, and it wouldn't crank so I jumped it. It started but only ran for a second then died . Now it won't start at all . When you turn the key forward the ASD relay and the START/RUN relay just make a steady click. starter does not turn. If you jump starter relay, the starter will turn over just fine but still no fire because fuel pump is being shut down.

It was throwing code B1A28 (ECM mismatched SKIM ) , so after lots of troubleshooting me and my mechanic/ locksmith came to the conclusion it was the SKIM module (WCW) We replaced it with a brand new one from the dealer and programed it . Now we have no code , but still won't start. Relays just click . I've replaced the relays as well .

Both of my factory keys still work , they still lock and unlock when you push the buttons. Battery is fully charged etc. Everything else , horn, light bars , windows all work fine.

My next thing to try would be an ECU/PCM .. Maybe somehow it got zapped when I jumped it ?? It;s a 2008 Rubicon with 75,000 mile , never had an issue before .

Any help would be appreciated , thanks !
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