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My neighbor in her 70's has always loved Jeeps, so she bought a 2008 JK 4 door beautiful rig.
Since she is retired it sits nicely tucked into her garage and she doesn't drive much.

IF/When she doesn't drive it for about 4 days the battery goes dead. She has taken it to a couple different "Jeep Mechanics" had the electrical system completely checked nothing found. The last guy told her... It's a Jeep, the system/computer will drain the battery IF Not ran more.

She is tired of taking it to Mechanics that can't figure out the problem and is losing her Love for her JK.

My questions to All you Great Folks is:
1. Is this a Jeep Live with Issue?
2. Any Advice IF the computer is a constant drain, anyone devised a solution? Thanks you, Larry

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Two things (well, three actually)

1. This is the wrong forum
2. There has to be something causing a parasitic draw
3. How much are you charging it after it dies? Is the battery being slow charged 100% back to full, and then dieing in 3-4 days later?

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