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My Jeep Grand Cherokee North Edition has been adult owned and what I would call tastefully and thoughtfully modified. The previous owner went through the top end of the motor at a diesel shop, they replaced the oil cooler seals and installed the EGR delete. They used a GDE eco tune and removed the dpf as well.

I have since performed the EHM mod as well as the intake kidney bean delete. I also added an OME med lift, but actually reverted to spacers up front for better ride quality. I also installed JBA upper arms and 255/70r17 Toyo open country AT2s on JK Rubicon rims with McGard lug nuts. I also have a matching JK full size spare in the factory location for 5 tire rotations.

I have also installed rear trunk led lights and the door lock nob mod.

I have kept up on fluid changes in the diffs and t case. The trans fluid still looks good but I do have a filter and fluid to do a drain and fill.

I just installed new front diff bushings and new front brake pads and both CV joints. The calipers and slotted rotors are a couple years old but in good shape yet

I recently swapped out the rear axle due to bearing noise and installed new rotors and pads and one new caliper.

The Jeep has 197,xxx miles but is stilling running and driving very well. It has not been offroad more than gravel roads and pulling out bushes in my yard. There is some slight rust showing through on the hatch and the rear driver side door, but the underbody is still looking very solid.

The Jeep is in Southwestern MI, but we travel a lot and could arrange to meet elsewhere. Typically we drive back to MN to see family or down to TN mountains. Let me know if you have more questions. Below is my FB listing.


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