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2008 Jeep Cherokee, CRD,3.0L diesel, body great, needs new motor?

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We so love this Jeep. Army Green metallic, 204,00 miles. Grand Cherokee, Loredo, 4x4, Auto.,Trail Rated, Leather, moon roof. Tow ready. Well just spent $3,000 to be sure all OK for Camping. Weather Tech mats. New Tiger tires, greased, filters, fluids changed out and ready to leave. Chrysler Dealership have paperwork a month ago. Put on maybe 100 miles since.
Just went to store last week, saw smoke under hood, shut off. Would not start. Looked like starter gone. Towed to Dealership, they thought starter. Order new one but, testing engine rotation, would go counterclockwise wise but not clockwise. Starter died due to engine failure.
? Timing chain, not sure the extent of repair.
Only car so had to buy a new one. Make AN OFFER hopefully over $3,000 just spent???

Where to post in classified???? vehicle for sale if not running, Advise?

Excellent body. Garaged alot and in Florida in Winter most of its time. KBB books $8,000 if running. ::crying2: