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I cannot post in "Jeeps Forsale" but I can post here? Can someone move this thread please not sure why its not working for me.

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 1 owner! $2900 obo Jeep is in Schaumburg IL.
Purchased NEW by my mom! 196,XXX miles (will go up I use it as a winter car still)
This is my 4th Jeep and by far can say it is the most luxurious!

The Good
No CEL, Just passed emissions
NV242 transfer case. No major rust! Was garaged all of its life. Was serviced by Schaumburg Jeep its entire life. I have a giant book of service records. A/C works and the heat works!! This is a solid daily driver for me in the winter time.

Recent maintenance
-1 year old Goodyear Duratracs metric sized about 32" tall
-New Mopar TPS
-Transmission fluid changed
-Transfer case fluid changed
-New Bosch Iridium plugs
-NTK coil boots
-New Mopar starter installed about 1 year ago
-Double cardigan front shaft

Added on parts
-Iron rock offroad 3" lift
-JK wheels
-Iron rock offroad front yoke (to work with the Double cardigan shaft)
-HK Offroad hidden winch plate (with shackle tabs)
-Weathertec floor mats in the front
-Aftermarket projector headlights
-Factory Mopar hitch. Installed with OEM trim panel!
-Transmission pan with DRAIN BOLT (oem pans do not have this!)
-New Pioneer bluetooth radio with built in smartphone holder

I have a box of parts I have been meaning to install but havent had the time. This includes-
-New Mopar crank sensor (I planned to replace it the 2nd time but no need yet)
-Original OEM WJ headlights
-New water pump
-new upper radiator hose
-new lower radiator hose
-new serp belt
-new heater core hoses
-new valve cover gasket
-new cabin air filter
-new wiper blades
-Spare JK wheel

The bad
-Rockers are rusted
-No carpet. I removed it and planned to go with vinyl flooring but never ordered it.
-Rear LCA bushing needs to be replaced. So it will wonder back and forth pretty bad. Ive adjusted my driving for this. But I would consider this an issue that needs to be fixed. They are about $30 on rockauto.
-Front upper control arm bushing is bad. It makes a squeek noise every so often.
-Leaky radiator, still works fine it drips a couple of drips every so often. Its leaking where the plastic tank meets the aluminum section.
-No steering stabilizer


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