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2004 Plastic Tube down inside the coolant recovery tank

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I pulled out the coolant recovery tank because we recently had the head replaced and I wanted to get all the 18 years of gunk inside it cleaned out. Noticed there was a 5 inch or so plastic tube that broke off inside of it. I assume this used to be attached at the top in the center?

The shop says that the tube inside of there must have just gotten in there by mistake and that the coolant reservoir does not have a suction tube like that. I guess we will find out soon because I ordered a new tank! I wish someone had a photo of the original tank showing the suction tube in the middle.

Is that correct?
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Looks like perhaps the bottom of a funnel or funnel extension that may have fallen off/in?

Probably, but since we're the second owner, we will never know for sure. Also, could have happened during service because it was no easy task to remove, I had to break it up and pull the fragments out one piece at a time. :)
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