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2004 LJ 4.0 Auto Noise 98k

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So I've had the jeep about a month now, upgraded from a TJ, I know jeeps make noises but some don't sound right. I have a chhh, chhh, chhh, chhh, chhh type noise and sometimes a little clank coming from my oil pan/ tranny area. I can BARELY hear it from the top but when riding around with the windows down or just being outside of the jeep I can hear it. I can mainly only hear it when it's idling. The jeep only has 98k miles. I know the first thing everyone says is flex plate, which I took off the 3 bolt cover and ensured it was tightened, no cracks were visible all the way around and all bolts were very tight. The transmission and engine has zero problems very smooth, selecting gears, selecting 4wd or touching the lever, and neutral all don't make any difference. Oil was recently changed, fluids are all full, no loss of fuel economy. I can't seem to find any exhaust leaks. My oil pan is pretty rusted out and is getting changed within a month but no metal or particles in the oil. When I bang on any parts of the exhaust or cat there is nothing lose. It definitely isn't coming from the transfer case area. I have a couple of short videos I took IM SORRY I TOOK THEM THE WRONG WAY, but you can pick out the sound. If it isn't causing any problems my natural jeep instinct is to just drive it till it breaks. I've also heard you can have a bent flex plate.

It does sound different without the cover on the flex plate