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I'm no mechanic and this 4 cyl. 2.4 L 2003 wrangler has some ghosts, so it should be a fun project. I just towed it back to Salt Lake from the desert where a small shop and dealer both looked at it shortly without figuring it out. Any input is much appreciated :)

1) Won't start without lots of gas, absolutely no idle. Doesn't run well at all.
2) codes say all cylinders are misfiring
3) 2/4 sparks coming from coil are super weak, replaced it but same side of coil is weak
4) Fuel pump turns on with key for about a second, pressure builds slowly, takes 3-4 on/off cycles before reaching
45psi, then while cranking or running the pressure stays at 45
5) Flow to injection rail is constant during the 1 second the pump turns on, then flow is uninterrupted while cranking or running
6) was blowing fuel injector fuses but it might have been a wiring issue, hasn't blown one on me today

Things we've looked at and replaced...
1. Spark plugs
2. ECM and local wiring
3. Ignition coil
4. Compression is okay
5. Timing belt is on time

I might start looking to the air next (unless theres other ideas!
IAC, vacuum leaks
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