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So I was working on the nss again and I figured I wasn't getting any power to the tcm I applied 12 volts to the tcm fuse (was not thinking) and I am pretty sure I applied the 12 volts to the ground side of the fuse now my jeep won't start at all gauges don't work I don't hear the fuel pump kick in and it just cranks and cranks but doesn't catch do you have any ideas? I am without a vehicle and desperate!
BTW there is no ground side of a fuse. There is the input side and the output side for voltage to travel along to a device that needs power. The fuse sits in the middle and if too much voltage surges through the wire OR the voltage side gets grounded the fuse blows, hopefully protecting that wiring circuit and the device it serves.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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