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2002 GC Overland Build (my turn)

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I finally bought my Jeep! Been wanting one for so long! But always had/have sports cars or trucks. I've always had a love affair with the Grand Cherokee. And as with most, I can't leave it alone (stock), so here is a record of my build. Kinda wanted to do this thread not only to share but to have a record for myself.
So here goes.......(bank account...brace for impact)

Purchase - October 23, 2016 - 2002 Grand Cherokee Overland (very clean, but problems surfaced fast after buying) Bought it pretty much stock, except for a 2" BB Lift and Bilstein shocks, bigger tires n black rims 245/75/16 Goodyear Armour Shield
Had 174k on the clock and motor was replaced w/remanufactured at 155k

Had few things to fix just to pass inspection
- New muffler
- Replaced few lights
- Drivers n passenger mirrors (power/heated)
- Track bar (bought cheap OEM version, adjustable will be put on once 4" lift is installed)
- Rear brakes (replaced with PowerStop Extreme, red calipers)(front will be done later)
- PASSED INSPECTION at this point
- Passenger window assembly needed replaced. (window held up with a

But HAPPY as hell that I have my Jeep! Love it!! (need to get some good pics to post)

Bringing her home for the first time!! First pic is the first one I took, and how she looked when purchased.


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*** Modifications, Repairs and Upgrades Reference List ***

- Performance/Mechanical Upgrades/Repairs -
ACDelco Power Steering Pump w/hi-press hose - $134.00 10/28/2016
Powerstop Extreme Z24 Rear Brakes - $270.00 11/07/2016 Page #2
Walker Muffler - $51.00 11/07/2016
Passenger Window Regulator w/motor - $60.00 11/08/2016
OEM Valve Covers w/gaskets - $240 1/27/2017
K&N Air Filter - $65 1/27/2017
Cabin Air Filter & Housing - $37.00 1/30/2017
PowerStop Extreme Z26 Front Brakes - $300.00 7/2/2017
Hella SuperTone Twin Horn Kit - $33.00 7/09/2017 Page #4
Window Sweeps and Door seals - $121.00 7/23/2017
Dorman Seat Heaters (4pc w/back) Drivers - $103.00 9/21/2017
Pass Rear Window Regulator w/motor (GM design) - $51.00 10/13/2017
Dorman Rear Light bulb Sockets (all 6) - $32.00 10/25/2017
Aaron 50W 6ohm Load Resistor (fix rapid flash) - $12.00 10/25/2017
Mopar Recirc Blend Door Assembly - $ 64.00 10/29/2017
Mopar Blend Door Actuators - $124.00 10/29/2017
Mopar Heater Core - $ 58.00 10/29/2017
Crown A/C Evaporator - $150.00 10/29/2017
Crown Clock Spring Assembly - $85.00 10/29/2017
HPS Silicone Radiator Hose Upgrade - $220.00 11/09/2017
Blower Motor Resistor with wiring harness upgrade kit - $50.00 11/11/2017
Four Seasons Complete Blower Motor - $39.00 11/24/2017
Mopar Throttle Body - Port and Polished a true 68.5MM - $220.00 1/02/2018
Rear Liftgate Supports - StrongArm - $30.00 1/06/2018
Mopar O2 Sensor Bank2/Sensor2 - $100.00 1/02/2018
Mopar IAC Valve - 62.00 1/02/2018
Mopar RR Wheel Speed Sensor - $50.00 1/02/2018 Page #24
Denso Ignition Coils (8) - $120.00 1/10/2018
Dual 1" Hose Seperator Clamp - Billet Alum. - $20.00 1/15/2018
Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) - $27.00 1/15/2018
Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Lines -4AN & -6AN $40.00 1/28/2018
Rerouted Fuel Lines - RedHorse Performance -AN Style fittings +New Fuel Rails -$230.00
Military Style Battery Terminals (Both) - $25.00 2/08/2018
AiRaid Modular Intake Tube - $149.00 2/08/2018
Mopar PCV Valve Tube - $18.00 02/12/2018
Mopar Breather Hose - $33.00
Upgraded Alternator w/160AMP TYC (new) - $132.00 3/09/2018 Page #24
AC HI/Low Pressure lines w/gasket kit - $107.00 3/09/2018 Page #24
AC Compressor, Dryer, Exp Valve Reman'd Life/Warranty - $120.00 3/09/2018 Page #24
PCM/ECM Replacement Inc. Latest Software updates - $218.00 6/25/2018
Crank Position Sensor - Mopar - $90.00 6/18/2018

- Appearance Modifications -
Trail Rated Badges - $4.00 10/28/2016
Side Mirrors Power/Heated - $65.00 11/08/2016
OEM Trailer Reciever Cover - $10.00 11/21/2016
Rust-Oleum Undercoating - $40 11/2016
Westin Light Bar w/mounts - $140 1/05/2017 REMOVED
PIAA Ion Plasma Fog Lights - $220.00 1/05/2017
Rock Rails - Sanded/Coated w/new hardware - $57.00 1/30/2017
Roof Rack Rails Coated - PNP parts and spray - $46.00 2/27/2017
Trailer Hitch and Rear Step Pad Coated - $24.00 3/5/2017
LED Bulb upgrade Interior - $16.00 3/5/2017
Emblems Blacked out - GC(WK2) and new Overland Badges - $110.00 3/7/2017
Rear Recovery - D Shackle for tow hitch - $40.00 3/18/2017
Cool Stickers (adds Some custom made - est. $150.00
AlphaVinyl Hood Kit w/4.7 Decal - Blacked out - $45.00 7/31/2017
Black 3M DI-NOC Carbon Fiber Flex Wrap for Interior Trim - $45.00 8/15/2017
POR15 Rust Protect (+Cleaner/Degreaser/TopCoat Paint) - $240.00 9/11/2017
Cree LED Headlight upgrade w/LED Fogs - $85.00 10/07/2017
Cree LED Rear Lights Upgrade w/50w Resistor - $70.00 10/13/2017
Smoked Headlight Assembly - 90.00 10/25/2017
Smoked Tail Light Assembly - $83.00 10/25/2017
Fawkes Relocation Brackets w/Recovery (Bull Bar) - $194.00 11/20/2017
Super Bull Bar w/light mounts - $143.00 11/24/2017
Front Recovery ReTeck "D" Shackles - $26.00 11/16/2017
FluidFilm Rust Protection with Wand Extension (Internally sprayed) $50.00 11/24/2017
Roof Light Bar 42" Cree LED Combo - $137.00 01/15/2018
Blacked Out 3rd Brake Light LED - $40.00 01/22/2018
TechFlex F6 Braided Nylon Wire Loom (various sizes) -$32.00 1/28/2018
Jeep Emble (Rear gate) Black & Graphite Gray - $40.00 02/08/2018
Pillar Gauge Pod - 3 Pods - $140 2/12/2019
Body Armor - Q-Panels DBMetalWorx - $250.00 8/13/2118

- Suspension and Drivetrain -
Front Track Bar (will be swapped out w/JKS) - $64.00 11/06/2016
Addco 1" Rear Swaybar - $135.00 12/02/2016
Energy Suspension greaseable mounts for swaybar - $16.00 12/20/2016
Moog Rr Swaybar Links - $20 12/20/2016
Dorman Lock Lugnut Set Black - $46.00 3/5/2017
Moog HD Tie Rod Ends - Set of 4 - $130.00 3/21/2017
Timken Front Wheel Bearings - $140.00 3/24/2017
Synergy HD Balljoints Uppers and Lowers - $180.00 3/24/2017
Moog Coil Isolators (front & rear) - $120.00 7/23/2017
Iron Rock Coil Perch replacements - $50.00 8/4/2017
Prothane Coil Inserts (Frt & Rr) - $125.00 8/4/2017
Rough Country 3/4" front spacers - $50.00 8/4/2017
Energy Suspension Bumpstop pads - $17.00 8/4/2017
Rough Country Steering Stabilizer 2.2 - $60.00 8/19/2017
RuffStuff HD Steering Stabilizer Clamp - $55.00 9/15/2017
Clayton Heavy Duty Track Bar (JJ's) - $240.00 9/01/2017
Zone Extended RearSW Links - $40.00 9/08/2017
Trans Pan w/drain plug and Lubelocker Gasket - $65.00 9/16/2017
Rough Country Dual Stabilizer w/custom made axle bracket - $145.00 1/04/2018
Rear Swaybar Spacers 1" Billet Alum. IronRock - $30.00 1/15/2018
D44A Differential Skid Kit - Mountain Vista Fab - $262.00 1/15/2018
D44A LubeLocker Gasket - SummitRacing - $22.00 1/15/2018

- Entertainment Upgrades -
Rockford Fosgate Rear door speakers - $80.00 12/19/2016
Rockford Fosgate Front door speakers - $250.00 12/12/2016
Rockford Fosgate Power Amp 400w - $160.00 2/5/2017
OEM Dash speakers - $40.00 1/20/2017
Joying 7" Android Headunit - $300.00 2/15/2017
Radio Bezel and Backup Camera - $130.00
Noico 80mil Sound Deadening Mat (for inside doors) - $65.00 8/26/2017
Kicker 3.5" @-Way Speakers (replace dash tweeters) - $40.00 1/10/2018

Estimated Build Investment to date - $9,923.00
Original Vehicle Cost - $2750.00
Taxes/Fees/Registration - $875.00 - Total - $3625.00

- Scheduled Maintenance Dates/Milage -
Engine Oil - Mobil 1 10w30 (last)7/16/2017 Mileage 177,357 (current)7/02/2018 179,959
Blackstone Lab - Sample was taken from 7/16/2017 Oil Change
Front Differential - Mopar Synthetic 75w-140 7/2/2017 Mileage 177,279
Rear Differential - Mopar Synthetic 75w-140 7/02/2018 Mileage 179,959
Transmission - Mopar ATF+4 Both Filters and LubeLocker 9/24/2017 177,940
Transfer Case - Mopar Synthetic 7/16/2017 Mileage 177,357
Coolant - Zerex G05 4/17/2017 (complete flush and fill)
Chassis Lube - 5/01/2017
Spark Plugs - Champion Platinum #3340 02//2018 Mileage
Tire Rotation - 7/2/2017 Mileage 177,279
Seafoam Treatment Intake - 1/29/2018 Mileage 178,876
Seafoam Treatment Fuel Tank - 10/07/2018 Mileage 181,450
Seafoam Treatment Crankcase - 10/07/2018 Mileage 181,450
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Congrats on the new GC, but this thread needs more pictures!

Do you have the OEM Infinity sounds system? If so, there may be a problem with your amp.
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Yea definitely gotta get some good pics! (Sunday)
I don't believe I have the Infinity system, There are no emblems mounted over speaker screens in door panels. So, I'm assuming I don't. Rockford amp has been purchased. As for my headunit, I have a Pioneer dbl DIN picked out but I'm tossing around the idea of installing one of those Andriod headunits. Haven't decided yet.
Where would the stock amp be mounted if I had one?
Just finished up Valve Covers and gasket replacement. To fix major oil leaks I have had since I purchased the Jeep.Thank God that annoying smoking is finally gone. Well, it will be once I give the engine bay a MAJOR cleaning. May even take it to be steamed clean.
Once I got in there to take covers off 80% of the bolts were barely tight, no wonder it was leaking! I elected to go OEM, let's see if they hold up to test of time! One difference though was that the WJ originally came with magnesium covers and now they are plastic! I also replaced the spark plugs while I was in there, but noticed I have an ignition coil that probably will need to be replaced. (sighs) Gonna price them tomorrow, may just replace all 8. And, installed a K&N Air filter and replaced the serpentine belt that was squealing due to the oil leak. Cleaned up some of the wire covers and did some tightening up while I was in there!
Overall, I'm very happy and it was a productive evening! And the Jeep is happier too!


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FINALLY! My brother surprised me while I was at work, he came over and installed my PIAA's! :cheers2:
It's great having an awesome little brother! Now gotta go test them out!!


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Had a rare day off, so I decided to get some QT with the Jeep. Been wanting to take factory Rock Rails off and clean them up and coat them with bedliner spray. Driver's side was no problem at all getting off, the passenger side, on the other hand, was a different beast Had to order new hardware cause I'm gonna have to destroy the existing bolts to get the rail off. Ordered new ones from a specialty shop here in town cause Jeep no longer carries the hardware. Thank God anyway, cause for the price of 3 bolts from Jeep I got all 12 bolts and u-nuts from Automotive Speciality! Finished up drivers side, decided to wait til new bolts get here to do the passenger side.
Had a lot of rust to clean up (sanded and wire-wheel) off the rail. And OMG the amount of debris and rust that came out from the inside of the rail was ridiculous!! These things are definitely getting replaced with a set that has better lateral protection and rust free!

Pretty happy with the way it turned out! Looks SO much better then that faded out gray color!!


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Another project I tried to tackle today was to replace that cabin air filter. Picked one up from AutoZone. Get back home to install and find out that it was never installed by the factory. As it turns out, Jeep designed one and manufactured them but never installed them! (what sense does that make...smh) It's something you have to get installed after you buy the Jeep. So jump on that there ole' interweb (lol) and ordered the bracket and filter.
Gotta love the dealers pricing on stuff! Jeep - $73, - $37

While I was under hood getting disappointed, I did some touchup. Wiped engine down and did the lettering on the intake boxes. (small things, they count looks good!!


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The rock rails and engine came out looking pretty good. :thumbsup:
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Well, my HVAC dilemma continues to get worst! After doing the valve covers and my PIAA lights this weekend, I pulled the Jeep out of the garage and took it for a drive for the first time. Only to find that the heater is not blowing at all now. Not sure what I could have done during the repairs I was making (completely unrelated) that would have caused that.
I have been gathering the parts and preparing to rip dash and replace a lot of the motorized and moving parts of the HVAC system. But dang! This just adds one more problem to the equation!! At least up til this point, I had SOME lukewarm air blowing out! a penguin doesn't' even want to ride in the Jeep!

Found the problem, the connector to the blower switch was disconnected. So that turned out to be fairly easy fix! But I found out that the previous owner must have had the switch burn out cause he fixed it (and fixed it right) with Jeeps upgraded switch wiring kit.
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Forgot to log this upgrade. I put this on a few weeks ago. Wanted to tighten up the rear. She would drive kind "wiggly". So purchased Addco's 1" bar from Iron Rock Offroad. It definitely made a difference! Also purchased Energy Suspension's greaseable mounts! Huge difference between the stock bar and the Addco!!
Still, have to purchase the discos and fabricate holders for when they are disconnected.


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Gave her a bath on the way home from work to get some of that salt and dirt off! Still gotta get time to clean engine bay!


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- Rear brakes (replaced with PowerStop Extreme, red calipers)(front will be done later)
Do you have pictures of the "red" job (LOL) ?

Do you have pictures of the "red" job (LOL) ?

Unfortunately no, didn't take pics of the rears. Next time I have the rims off I will but I'll be doing the fronts by then. They do look good, especially being able to see them through the rim. They did a great job on the powder-coating, so I expect them to stay looking good for awhile.
Gave him a blood transfusion today and a new liver! Next up is both diffs and transfer. need to order both covers first.
**Side Note - Mileage 175940



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Nice build. looking to do a similar set up on my 04 overland however some techs say to lift mine that I need to upgrade my front drive shaft to a double cardan drive shaft, did yours come upgraded since you baught it with the lift?
It currently has a 2" IRO Spring lift with Bilsteins 5100s. And if you stay 4/4.5" or less you should be fine. Mine will be getting a Frankenstein
Putting an RC 4" Long Arm kit with IRO Springs and new Bilsteins. Sitting on 265/75/17 DuraTracs

Check this thread for a great write up for the swap, courtesy of @ChrisHager
Rezeppa to Double Cardan - IRO Drive Shaft Conversion
infinity amp would be under rear passenger seat. The infinity system uses crossovers to only pass low frequencies (bass) to the front door speakers..
THANKS!! I was wondering about that! Just haven't taken the time yet to look to see if I had one. That may explain the VERY low output from the front door speakers! Going to go look right now!
Thanks @WJChris

infinity amp would be under rear passenger seat. The infinity system uses crossovers to only pass low frequencies (bass) to the front door speakers..
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