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2.5-4.0 swap is underway!!

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OK so few weeks ago I blew my 2nd 4cyl, i decided i was done w/4 bangers so i shopped around and found a 6cyl/5spd trans/t-case/computer/harness for $900 i went and picked it up and started pulling the 4cyl, i don't have pics of me pulling the trans or case but here is some pics of me pulling the 4cyl, here is the link the my photo bucket account since i told my ex GF to take lots of pics, she took over 100 just of me pulling the motor, although i didn't keep all of them,

list of things needed on next page, i will update it as i go

also i know i am to skinny, but not even the Army was able to fatten me up, so deal with it

1st i had to borrow a few factory spares so it would even fit on the trailer,

nice easy unload, just lift trailer w/forklift

the start

even the now ex GF got dirty and helped out (thats my dad i cant thank him enough)

rest is just random stuff we removed, i wont lable it all

yes my dad is sitting up under the jeep

all undone