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1998 Jeep XJ Fluids

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I am about to buy a manual transmission 1998 jeep XJ with 128,000 miles on the clock. I want to change all of its fluids so i have a nice starting point to schedule my future maintenance tasks.

What fluids in the Jeep XJ are there that i can replace and how much of each fluid?

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The maintenance intervals and fluid capacities/types are shown in the Owners Manual and the Jeep Service Manual. You should have a copy of one or both.

Cherokee Fluid Capacities

Engine Oil

-2.5L (4cyl) - 4.0 Quarts (3.8L)
-4.0L (6cyl) - 6.0 Quarts (5.7L)

Cooling System

-2.5L (4cyl) - 9.0 Quarts (8.5L)
-4.0L (6cyl) - 10.5 Quarts (9.9L)

Automatic Transmission

-4.0L (6cyl) The AW-4 Automatic Transmission uses Transmission Fluid labeled Dexron-III/Mercon.

- Drain and Re-fill = 4 Quarts (3.8L)
- Filter and complete fluid exchange = 8 Quarts (7.8 L)

-2.5L (4cyl) Chrysler/Mopar Automatic Transmissions use ATF+3 or ATF+4 Type 7176

Manual Transmission

Use Syncomesh synthetic. If you want to use a synthetic (RedLine, AmsOil, etc.) either check the back of the bottle or check the manufacturer's website to make sure it's safe for use with yellow metal.

Transfer Case

-NV231 Part-Time (Command-Trac) - 2.2 Pints (1.0L) Dexron III/Mercon
-NV242 Full-Time (Selec-Trac) - 2.85 Pints (1.3L) Dexron III/Mercon

Front Axle

-Dana 30 - 2.5 Pts (1.2L) SAE 75W-90

Rear Axle

-When equipped, Trac-Lok Limited Slip rear axles require 4 ounces of Friction Modifier Additive

-Dana 35 - 3.5 Pints (1.66L) SAE 75W-90
-Dana 44 - 4.0 Pints (1.89L) SAE 75W-90
-Chrysler 8.25 - 4.4 Pints (2.0L) SAE 75W-90

For towing and off-road use SAE 75-140 synthetic
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