Mileage:205000 M
Manual transmission, 4.0l. 206k.

No rot on it.
It does run and drive but needs some love. I wish I had the time as I loved this car but I don’t.

•Rear brake lines need to be replaced which I have. All other rear brake parts are brand new and I think I replaced every line but these two a few years back. Not safe to drive until this is done.
•Looses oil pressure once engine gets hot but is probably the only XJ out there that does not leak oil. It’s not knocking but probably needs to be addressed.
•Driver seat needs repair.
•AC doesn’t work. I tried charging it and it worked for a day, evaporator needs to be replaced.
•Drivers window needs a regulator
•Headliner fabric is off. I have new fabric for it you can have.

In short it’s an unmolested, high mile, rot free manual xj that needs some work.