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1997 Jeep Cherokee XJ BUILD

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Good evening! Guys my xj needs new rear leafs bad. Here's what I'm thinking; I'd like about 2 inches of lift all around. Just brain storming. I want this to still be a practical daily driver.

Here's my first idea(I think this is good):
1. Crown 7" arch heavy duty leaf springs with adjustable shackles
2. Bilstein 5100 front
3. Bilstein 5100 rear
4. 2 inch lift coil spring not sure what brand

Other idea:
Buy the old man lift kit for 1200 bucks bc why not. It comes with everything. I would need to pull one leaf out which one though. Link:

Another idea:
The rough country 1.5 inch lift kit.
Buy coil springs to match.
Use the crown leaf springs.

Another thing, I'm thinking about getting black rock wheels 15x7 or i may just get 15x8 or 10 put some nice tires on there. The back spacing would be 3.75 inches. If I do that and put 31s on there should be good to go right? I think the stance would be wider too.
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