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OK I'LL START ANOTHER POST HERE TO On how to dismantle the alarm system. ..
WHO can tell me what it is I need to unhook.. I've ask a couple of TECH's too disable it but they said they could figure it out? .
When I worked at Jeep / chrysler we disabled them regularly . But I wasn't a Tech I was the service advisor & Sold the job.
... I thought we cut 2 wires & wired them back together .
............ ALSO FROM My past ... I was thinking that there was a dealer installed anti theft .
... This item was from the factory & finished off at the dealership.
... It was supposed to be Inline fuze ATO holder .. It held about a 20amp fuse ... If the customer wanted to buy this option, then his salesman showed him where the fuze link was located . Then the customer could pull the fuze & His jeep would not start & couldn't be stolen.
... It the customer didn't want to buy option, then new car make ready simply supper glued the fuze into the fuze holder . & The jeep cranked every-time .. Until that fuze just happed to blow . Then the Jeep had to be wreckered into the dealership & fixed .
...... So am I talking, of one & the same anti theft. Or are there about 3 different systems .
...... How does my security system get disabled.
That's a pain to jack with.

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There *should* only be factory security on the ZJ. The security module is behind the glove box.

Start the jeep, then while running, unplug the VTSS module, allow the jeep to run for 2-3 minutes. Then turn off the engine. You have unplugged the Security module the PCM cannot get an "ARM" messgage from Security (leave the module unplugged, it doesn't have to be removed from the vehicle, just unplugged). Start the ZJ and it should run fine.
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