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1990 XJ 4.0 L wiring help

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Got an 4.0 from a 90 XJ and I could really use some help with the wiring. I have the wiring diagram but don't know what the connectors go to. The pictures show a connector that comes of the stator assy and alternator; from the diagrams, these go to the ECUbut the connector shown does not connect to anything on the harness that I have. I have a feeling there is a male/female connector that is missing but need to confirm it. Can I get someone with a 90 XJ, 4.0 l take a picture for me so I know whether to look for a connector or just go ahead and start hard wiring it?


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Thanks Cruiser,
That's correct and they are connected to the stator, oil pressure sending unit and alternator. What I am trying to find out is how the grey connector in the picture connects to the harness and eventually to the ECU. It appears (at least to me) that the grey connector plugs into a male connector with the other side being a female connector. I went to a couple of junkyards this weekend and couldn't find what I need to see. Does your MJ have the grey connector like the picture, and if so, is there any chance I could get you to take a picture of it? (Where it is mounted, etc.) If I have to, I can cut connectors and hard wire it all, but I really don't want to go that route unless it is absolutely necessary.
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