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Didn't know where to post this so I picked a spot.

My mother's 1989 Wagoneer Limited is parked in her garage in Washington state. She just got a call that her Washington house had been burgled. One of the things the burglars targeted (they must have scoped out the house long ago and known the Jeep would be in there) was the Jeep. Fortunately (as far as I know..I live in Las Vegas and my mother is currently in Arizona and neither of us has seen any photos of any aftermath ofthe break in) I believe the "damage" is limited to a broken window, a stolen battery and ...all four tires and rims.

If anyone here sees an add for 4 tires and Wrangler OEM 15" wheel rims 1512 (at least those are the ones that my memory tells me were on the Jeep) and the add originates from Washington suspect. As I recall they are 5 sopke with 5 luggs and are brushed aluminum (or brush coated).
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