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Bought a j10 that has sat for 20+ years. it ran and drove it home. 60 miles. Got her home and then she will not start. Checked the gas and it was pat being bad. dropped the tank and cleaned, cleaned the lines, cleaned the fuel pump, replaced the carb with a rebuilt. Replaced the sparkplugs which were fouled beyound repair, replaced the distributor cap and rotor and wires.

Now it turns over seems like she want to start but won't.

Checked again initial timing with the crank pulley at 6 degrees and the rotor was at #1 cylinder.

It seems like she is not getting a hot spark or is not getting spark at all because the timing light will not go blinky blinky.

So what have I missed? What else should I look for?

Any and all suggestions will be looked into.

I know a thing or two about jeeps but this one has me puzzled.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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