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1980 CJ 5 Project

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Picked up this Jeep about 2 years ago locally from a craigslist ad for 1500 bucks. Frame was very bad at down sweeps above rear leafs, but I knew that when I bought it. It has a swapped 304 hooked to a 4 speed Tremac and Dana 300. It's been alot of work but hoping to have it ready by June. First day home and a good power washing. Also put the custom bumpers on that came with it.
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Fired it up the next day and blew a ton of dog food and debris out the cherry bombs! Lol, wouldn't run off tank and had to put temporary tank in back with electric fuel pump and ran some better. Finally went and got a new power valve for carb and drove it maybe 15 miles. As I said frame was pretty bad but wanted to see how motor and everything worked before tearing apart. It leaked everywhere it could from rear main,oil pan, transfer case,transmission, and both diffs. Even leaked from master cylinder,radiator,and heater core and 1 line blew as I was driving it around property. Put new headers,roll bar pad,and Bimini top that came with it new in box's. View attachment 4172815
Wow [emoji2956]…. You did a great job [emoji122]

Here comes a new born baby lol
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