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So I have a lead on some widetrack Dana 44 axles and a T18/Dana 300 out of a '77 cherokee. Here is his description.

"'77 jeep cherokee, ft. Axle pass. side drop, backing plate to backing plate (54"), t18/Dana 300"

Remembering that I currently have no engine/trans/diff/driveshafts and am looking to put a 350 in this...

1- How difficult would it be to put these widetrack Dana 44 axles in while I have everything off the frame, and is it worth it?
2- This trans/diff setup seems to be pretty much what I want from what I have read. Reading around it looks like I can adapt this tranny to a 350 failry easily. Correct?
3- How much would you pay for the axles (f/b) , tranny and diff?

Not ready for them yet.... but need them and trying to find something local.
Looks like Novak has an adapter for $305.

You should cruise Novak website and advance adapters for conversion options. Novak has a plate. You may find that Advance adapters has an entire custom bell housing to mate SBC to Jeep Tranny. I used to have their bellhousing connecting SBC to T150. Both Novak and Advance Adapter have technical people on their customer service 1800 numbers that have experience with most jeep conversions you could imagine.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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