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1978 cj 7

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Received a 1978 CJ7 from my best friends mom. best friend passed away. Jeep was in barn, and now I am beginning work on it.
It needs a lot of work. Since I am going to have to replace all the leaf springs and shocks, I want to lift it a couple of inches and wondering if anybody has recommendations for a product to do it. and, will there have to be any parts replaced for steering to lift a couple of inches?
New to Jeep world and want some advice if possible!
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Hi gary,

Where are you? This is the International section which means outside of USA. If you want a better response post it in the main part of the CJ forum

Welcome to the Forum, fill in your profile and you will still get wrong answers, but more accurately wrong. :smile2:
Lift kits are 10 a penny. tell the Forum what you want to do with it and what your budget is.

The best lifts are done with Old Man EMU springs from an early Wrangler, they are slightly wider on the front and give a better ride, but they are not supplied as a kit, you need to know what to order. Not cheap.

If you want something more budget BDS get a good write up, as do Skyjacker. Lots of places sell the kits or 2.5" lift.

At 2.5" you do not need a drop pitman arm as such but I would put one on anyway. The tie link between the knuckles is horizontal and forms a Y with the drag link that connects to the steering box. the closer this is to horizontal, the less steering change you are going to get when you hit a bump and the suspension compresses. So I would add a drop pitman arm, though many do not.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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