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1970 Dana 44

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I have a Dana 44 originally out of a 1970 postal jeep.
3.73 with trac-loc according to Data info.
p/n: 603132-2

I bought it several years ago for my cj but decided to go another route. I do not know anything of its condition other than the visuals.

I don't want anything for it, just seems a shame to scrap.

I live in the Phoenix area.

Thank you,


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I will measure when I get home tonight. As I remember it was a little more narrow than my stock 1980 CJ (AMC20 wide track).

If it helps, I got this info from a place on the web a while back. (according to Dana this 603132-2 came from a 1970 postal jeep van. It had a 3.73 d44 with a trac-loc posi in it from the factory .)
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