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We have a 2012 Liberty (3.7L 2WD) and a Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. Took the Trailhawk on a little family get away for 4 days and when we returned there was a puddle of coolant in the garage under the Liberty that looked like it was running down around the water pump area. Couldn't identify where but was a decent amount of fluid. Had a new water pump installed about 4 years ago so was thinking not that. Overflow tank looked like it had a decent amount of fluid and radiator was barely low, definitely not the amount that leaked. Checked wiper fluid in case it wasn't coolant and it was full, too. My better half trusts a nearby shop (they were who replaced the water pump not too far back). They put in on the rack and couldn't find where it was coming from but was thinking water pump. Bled the engine and no air pockets so we brought it home. Don't see any more fluid leaking and touch listening (long screwdriver to pump and to ear, can't find my stethoscope) to the water pump don't hear any grinding or anything like the bearings going out. Totally puzzled. Don't want to drop $$$ to replace a water pump if not needed.

Here in Florida been highs in the 80°F's and lows in the 70°F's but the days we were gone was highs in the low 60F's and lows around 50°F. It was parked a couple days before we left after work and we left 2 days later and didn't notice anything before we left, but quite a big puddle when we got home. Really a mystery.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.
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