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06 Commander cuts off while running

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Hello everyone! I have a 06 Jeep Commander that every now and then when I back out my driveway in the morning it shuts off when I stop and put the truck in drive. I can feel it about to happen and if I hit the gas fast enough it won't happen then some times I will make it out the driveway but to the first red light leaving my neighborhood it will shut off when I stop at the light, then it won't happen anymore that day. It seems to only happen in the morning when I am heading out, but today was a bit scary due to most of the time I just put the truck in park then start it back up and off I go but today it wouldn't start it sounded like it wanted to start then never would turn over .... then after a few tries it did turn over and been rolling all day. I stop at Advance auto on my way home and had them run one of those engine tester things on the truck and it came back as PO128 Coolant Thermostat, didn't think that would create the truck to shut off..... Any suggestions?

Now today I tried to drive the truck and it starts but when I push on the gas pedal to the floor nothing happens the engine does not even rev up the truck will move forward or backward if I put it in gear but just from the truck idiling allows it to move not by me pressing the gas pedal.