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**Update: Got a message back from the guy saying it's an 02 sensor and is being fixed tomorrow.

Looking to pick up a (relatively) inexpensive Wrangler after not having one for roughly 20 years. I'm really trying very hard to keep myself between $6-8k which I know will be tough. That said, I ran across this local listing and it piqued my interest.

However, two things stood out to me 1) Check engine light is on and 2) the large tires causing a "small shake" between 40 & 50mph.

Since it's been so many years since my last Jeep (CJ7), I'm ignorant as to whether these two items should scare me away from this listing. Or, maybe there's something I'm not seeing even beyond those things that would scare you seasoned Jeep veterans off.

Is it even a decent deal? I'd really like to get it down closer to $7-7500 if possible but highly doubt he'd go that low.

Your advice is appreciated.

- Chappy

(P.S. I cross-posted this over at WranglerForum too.)

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its not a V6, they are a straight six.

those tires would need a re gear. what is the ratio?

The tire shaking is the start of DW. It tends to start with tires that are not balanced well enough and they must be close to perfection. As well worn out suspension parts. it's never generally one or the other but a combination of the two. if its just a slight wobble it may be just the tires. if its not corrected soon enough then other issues start.

tires like those tend to hard to balance as well.

look for frame and body rust where you cant see is the MAJOR issue. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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