This listing is for:

- 5 OEM 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Rogue Chrome wheels 17x7.5” 5 on 5 lug spacing (5 x127mm)

-4 Center Caps

-5 Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires in 245/65/17 (29.5”)

-20 used chrome 1/2-20 lug nuts (not pictured)

The wheels are in fair shape with 2 decades of dings, corrosion and wear. Two of them were recently cleaned of corrosion buildup that was causing an air leak around the bead (no longer leaks).

There are factory Jeep TPMS sensors in the wheels but at least one of them has a dead battery so they won’t be recognized in the relearn procedure.

The tires are in mostly good shape, a couple were plugged at some point in their life, one has some side wall damage (pictured) but does not leak. All have at least 1/4” of tread remaining and are 2016 production tires. They were 5 tire rotated every 4-5k miles.

These wheels are tires are a direct fit on a factory height 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee with slight front fender liner rub at a full steering lock since the tires are 245s. See less