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‘78 CJ5 fuel gauge calibration

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I replaced my fuel sending unit a number of years ago. It was never calibrated correctly, when it’s empty it showed about 1/4 tank. Just recently it is empty at about 5/8 tank on the gauge. How do I fix this? New gauge? If so, how do I make sure I get the correct one and don’t end up with the same issue as the last one. The sending unit doesn’t appear to be bad as it is sending current to the gauge.
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I would grab a "New Folder" (From my pics on your computer)

Rename it Jeep Forum pics (or whatever)

Go to each desired pic and "Right Click" it

This will put it in a file (find the JF pics) file

When satisfied it is going in the correct folder,

Click on "save" to actually put it into folder.

Then go fetch the next one!

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