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  1. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    I was driving to Walmart about 0.6 miles from my house and the guage went up to 260°F kind of rapidly. I pulled over when the check guages light came on while beeping. Let it cool for 50min then checked fluids. The motor oil was just changed before, new filter and synthetic oil that's high...
  2. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Please any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Well folks, after spending dozens upon of hours upgrading my suspension and rig overall, the valve spring on cylinder 2 broke, which in turn bent the intake valve and made the cylinder lose all compression. This work I did included new E3 plugs...
  3. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Hey guys, I've had my 2003 WJ Overland for a couple years now and it has been a fantastic vehicle outside of some typical issues all vehicles have. During moderate-hard acceleration/deceleration, I get a rumble strip vibration and it goes away the moment I let off the gas/brake. Rumble happens...
  4. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Hey all, I have a 4.7L WJ and decided to put it in 4LO to test it out. When I tried to go back into all 4, I was not able to put it in reverse and could only go forward. I then managed to park and see what was wrong. I called a local mechanic and he removed the front driveshaft and I was able to...
  5. Engines & Drivetrain
    Hi all. I just picked up a rusty 02 WJ with a bad front transmission seal. I'm 18 and don't have any experience with transmissions, but I'm attempting to remove the trans. I have it on the lift and am currently in the process of disconnecting all the wires and sensors. All the PDF directions I...
  6. Parts For Sale
    Set of black OEM Tow Hooks that fit a Jeep WJ (1999-2004 Grand Cherokee). These are in great condition and come complete with all hardware and bolts. I will ship on your dime. Medium Flat Rate Box - 11 1/4″ x 8 3/4″ x 6″ - $17.05 $70 plus shipping if not a local pick up. PayPal if shipping...
    $70 USD
  7. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    I need your services. How do I get ahold of you/him? Any help is appreciated.
  8. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Hey Everyone, I am somewhat new to the forum and I apologize if I break any rules or guidelines on my first post here.... I have 2001 GC 4.0 with a headache of a P0302, when I first got this thing it had a constant misfire so I started looking into it and you can tell the person before me had...
  9. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7l V8 done about 100,000 kms (65k miles), 2 in lift, snorkel, and IKO belly tuck are the main mods. About 4-5 months ago I noticed my mileage was slowly getting worse, going from 17Litres per 100km and creeping up to 19 litres, then 20 litres and...
  10. Drivetrain
    Hi Everyone, Cleaning out the garage a bit. I have a full set of Bilstein shocks off of my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ. these are intended for stock height. They are in good working condition but do show signs of use. I only removed them because I lifted my jeep. Asking $50 for all for and...
    $50 USD
  11. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Hey all, It's been a hot minute as life has been...interesting. Old WJ [2000 I6, 4.0L Grand Cherokee] is still under the wrench, unfortunately. At this moment, I think (famous last words) I have all the kinks ironed out and am mostly good to go. The last hurdle...a full tank of gas. Gromit...
  12. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    So Im ready to spend some money. I can afford better, but do i need it? More of a causal off roader..but might end up liking it a lot. Should I steer clear of RC,
  13. Jeep Grand Cherokee & Commander Forums
    So, after some home repairs on the 42RE on my 2001 Grand Cherokee 4L I6 last year, it finally needed a proper breakdown and repair. On last inspection there were circlip remnants in the pan. Finally tracked down a local transmission specialist, wish I never did though, a two week job turned...
  14. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Does anyone know of any alternatives to RockAuto for this shifter cable? I really ain't trying to pay $160 for a flipping cable and none of the junk yards in my area have any because they're all rusted out. Are there any other sites I can find it? I tried MOPAR but it was similar pricing...
  15. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Hi All, I noticed that my front passenger side CV Axle boot is ripped on my 2001 4.0 Laredo. I was told that the Mopar boots are more durable than the ones on the new aftermarket axles. I am a bit conflicted on what to do. Is it worth doing the boot only or should I replace the whole axle? If...
  16. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Weird sound I’m having this weird sound in the car radio is off everything is off when I hit the gas it goes away it’s ear piercing when the hood is open and it happens but when in the car it sounds like it’s through the radio it has the straight 6 you can hear the sound around the 30 second mark
  17. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Anyone here able to lookup my 2004 grand cherokee ignition pin code via vin number to save me a trip to the dealership? I only have 1 key and need the code to make another. Thank you Tom
  18. Jeep Grand Cherokee & Commander Forums
    Anyone here able to lookup my 2004 grand cherokee ignition pin code via vin number to save me a trip to the dealership? Thank you Tom
  19. MJ Comanche
    Driving my 2001 wj any ideas only way to explain the mini van on cars🦥
  20. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Track bar upper and lower ball joint spindle
1-20 of 222 Results