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  1. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Note: This started out as a SOA Ton swap and some cloaks/armor. It has spiralled into the misadventures of a full on tear down & rebuild/LS-NV4500 swap. JF has been a huge resource for me in the past. It played a large roll in learning the intricacies of Jeeps. Guess I thought it would be a...
  2. Stock 1989 Wagoneer Limited

    Basically a barn find, the guy had no clue this Jeep was rare. I got lucky when I stumbled upon it.
  3. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    Hi everyone! So I've been lurking around the forum ever since I bought my Waggy back last October and this forum has been INVALUABLE as hell to me to the point where I've never had to post any questions about my Renix problems before because someone had already figured it out :D This time...
  4. Full Size Jeep Forum
    i have an 87 grand wagoneer. ive slowly been fixing it and everything, finally got the truck running good, fixed my leaks and put a new trans in it. well one thing, i have an odd electrical problem, my battery is always draining. for now i usually just unhook the negative on the battery and let...
  5. Full Size Jeep Forum
    so i just bought an 87 wagoneer and its my new project/ learning car, my buddy was talking about the gears in the rear, saying they were floating or something like that, basically only the wheels that have the most tension are spinning, well his uncle is a mechanic and he said he could get him...
  6. Cherry

    1989 Wagoneer Grand Wagoneer
1-6 of 7 Results