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  1. Engines & Drivetrain
    Hello fellas, recently I've got myself a great banger a Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0 1998 limited with Select track transmission * I believe I have 2H, 4H Part Time, 4H Full TIme, 4L*. Everything is great it is equipped with all the possible features and I got it pretty low, just 500 pounds and it's in...
  2. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    Alright guys went offroading yesterday,used 4 hi, when I was done I went back to 2wd. Noticed some whirling sounds when I got back on the road. This morning trying to figure out whats wrong I check the rear diff and its fine. But I turned over the xj and went into 4 high no problem. Put the...
  3. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Alright guys a bit over a year ago my YJ took a beating. U-joint failed and ripped the tcase and driveline apart when going 60mph. I haven't had the money all year to fix it until I sold a truck. So this poses a question, in my area(75 mile radius) there are only a few YJs are being parted out...
  4. Jeep CJ Forum
    I'm a new timer on this forum hopefully someone can help. Thanks in advance. OK I'm in process of restoring my cj7 I just got the body back on and I have stripped down to nothing. no electronics on it. I rigged the ignition system for it to run and I got it running and went to try to drive it...
  5. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    hello all, I have a 1996 jeep Cherokee with a 2.5 4-cyl, (W/135,xxx.) 2wd manual 5-spd (ax5)?that just went out. I'm looking for a 4wd ax5 to replace it with. I've searched the forum all day(found a lot of useful info) but still need to clear a few things up. What years would interchange with...
  6. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    Im not too familiar with the 242's. Im a 231 guy. For some reason, my 4Low only works in forward, but no such luck in reverse. I went under and adjusted my linkage, but still no luck. I went to put it in 4High Part time to try reverse but still no luck. I put it in 4High full time and got it to...
  7. Engines & Drivetrain
    i just recently swapped transfer cases npg231's i blew up my old one and got this one off of another jeep at a scrap yard their was a few differences mostly in the vacume lines and the yoke for the front drive shaft but now when i try to drive in 2 i get a weird rubbing noise if its in any other...
  8. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    I believe I have a broken transfercase breather. There has been a tube hanging down right next to my driveshaft and it has a small 90degree elbow on the end. It looks to be broken off right at the transfer case. I haven been able to find anybody elce with this problem. So could somebody tell me...
  9. Engines & Drivetrain
    I have a '99 Wrangler with 100k miles. Whenever I'm driving and go over a bump or slow down to a stop, there's this knock which seems to be underneath the drivers seat or center console. I was thinking maybe the transfer case linkage? Has anyone had this problem/know how to fix it?
  10. Engines & Drivetrain
    I'm having an issue with my np231. Video can be seen here: When I shift from 2H to 4L, drive a bit, then try to shift from 4L to 4H or 2H, I get this grinding. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this? My thoughts are that it is the shift fork. Do you know if the back half of the case can...
  11. Vendor Display
    NOW AVAILABLE @ ROCKRIDGE 4WD TeraFlex has been professionally involved with Jeeps since the 1950s and their experience has taught them how to make them perform their best. Since the beginning of TeraFlex they have constantly added unique and innovative products to make their line what it is...
  12. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    So now!! I see My transfer case is leaking at the rear where the rear driveshaft goes in. It is a 231. Do I remove the rear extension part #38 two replace the seal, or just take out drive shaft and pop seal out,and do I need to replace the bushing #39 also ,or not?? Is this the only seal #40. I...
  13. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    when i put the jeep on four wheel drive there is this cracking sound the starts (only on low speeds when i speed up it goes away)and when i turn the steering wheel all the way its impossible to move it! its a 1990 jeep yj 2.5l
  14. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    Had shifter problems this week... It's an automatic and it won't go into any gear... when you try to put it in park it grinds... the 4x4 lever just floats back and forth as well... Anyone have this issue?
  15. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    I have had my jeep for 5 months and have not changed the transfer case fluid. Don't know if the PO changed it but how often are you suppose to change it?
  16. WJ Grand Cherokee Forum
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  17. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
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1-17 of 17 Results