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  1. Virginia Jeep Forum
    I am a beginner at offroading, and in need of locations for offroading trails for better experience. I live in Leesburg and I don't know if y'all know but there are no trails and every land is either private property or owned by the government. My jeep is currently on 31inch tires with stock...
  2. Wrangler General Discussion
    Some of you that are local to TN, What are the best trails up that way to ride? Me and my lady are going up that way this weekend. Wanted to see what yall thought was best! Before we head up im also going to post some of my findings to this thread as well. About to do a little R&D right now lol.
  3. New York Jeep Forum
    Hey Guys, I am new to the forum and new to the Jeep Life and I just bought a 2017 JKU and have been dying to try it out on some trails. Kinda was looking for something easy to get the hang of it before moving up to some serious rock crawling! Any help would be great!
  4. Tennessee Jeep Forum
    Hey y'all I'm looking for some hidden trails if anyone knows any around southern middle Tennessee, I've ridden a little of the dirt devil and I'm making a trip to wheelin in the country and I was wondering if anyone knows of any fields, mud holes, or anything to go slangin mud? Thanks
  5. General Discussion
    Hey all, Looking to take a camping trip into the high sierras. Anyone in CA know any good spots? I live in Tehachapi and looking to go no farther north than Bishop on the 395, and no farther than Tulare area on the 99/65. Seems like a lot of the roads are closed for the winter already.
  6. Wrangler General Discussion
    Looks like 1/3 of the votes were from Wranglers (according to the chart at the top). I'm wondering how votes were collected, and from what source. I don't get the Texas results at all.... Anyone know?
  7. Wrangler General Discussion
    Howdy, I'm pretty new to off-roading and am looking for an easy trail to kick start my off-road expirence! Any suggestions? I'm currently living in the San Diego area. My jeep is stock for the most part (hence the easy trail). Thanks in advance.
  8. Tires & Wheels
    I was looking into buying some tires. I want to run 33s. Where I wheel, there are a lot of rocks and also a lot of mud. So what would you guys recommend. I'm not wanting to spent a fortune on tires but I do want good quality.
  9. On the URE trails

    First trip out to URE with the jeep post upgrades. She did awesome. Looking forward to the next trip
  10. Colorado Jeep Forum
    Hey everyone! Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong section, but I am relatively new to the Colorado area and was hoping to meet some new wheeling friends. There are soooo many trails to go on out here in northern Colorado, and even ones I dont know, so I was hoping to meet others who share...
  11. Wrangler General Discussion
    Hey guys So my friend is taking me to a beginner / moderate area to go off roading locally tomorrow and I am a little worried where as I have never done this before I am looking for any advice and tips to get myself a little more mentally comfortable with the idea I drive an 07 Wrangler X...
  12. General Jeep & Off-Road Equipment
    Just wondering if anyone can message me good spots to trail ride/explore in the north conway area. I'll be heading out that way next weekend from portland ME if anyone knows the area. Thanks!
  13. Texas Jeep Forum
    I have been looking everywhere online for a place to take my new-to-me '05 TJ offroad but I can't find ANY trails in my area. I'm brand new to this forum so I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but does anybody know anywhere I can go in north central Texas or southern Oklahoma?
  14. XJ/MJ Cherokee Non-Technical Forum
    Has anyone run it this year? It was voted like one of the top six trails in North America by BFG. I would really like to take the trip but some people say the trail is brutal, while other say its fairly mild. Pictures and videos would be great if ya got em:thumbsup:
  15. South Central USA
    New to the area and looking for some trails around the Tomball/Spring area in TX. Anybody got any good spots in the area?
  16. XJ/MJ Cherokee Non-Technical Forum
    Hi I'm looking for some new trials in the south east mass and rhode island area if you know of any please let me know where. I love wheeling but I'm starting to get tired of the same trails
1-16 of 19 Results