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  1. Audio/CB/Electrical
    This is the Superchips flashcal F5 for the 07-18 JK Jeep Wrangler. Comes with the unit and manual, no box. Used only a handful of times then sold the Jeep, practically new.
    $125 USD
  2. Parts For Sale
    Used slightly before selling my 2007 JK. 2007-2018 JK compatible Features: Speedometer Correction for Gears, Tires & Axle Swaps Recalibrates for Tire Sizes 26" - 42" Gears & Axles up to 5.38 2.8" High Definition Color Screen Reads & Clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes Accessory and TMPS Options...
    $175 USD
  3. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hey there fellow Jeepers, I recently purchased a Superchips Trail Dash 2 for my 2003 Wrangler Sport. I am running 33x12.5 Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3s and have a 3" JKS JSPEC 115k lift kit. I recently installed a K&N Cold Air Intake, and will be installing an MBRP S5500409 Stainless Kit very...
  4. WK Grand Cherokee & XK Commander Forum
    I have posted a thread previously that mentioned how early model 2005 4.7L Wk's are not supported by SuperChips Flashpaq (at least with the 3870 Flaspaq). I have read threads on here mentioning the same with the newer Flashpaq 3872. Anyways....I'm looking at alternatives. Is anyone running the...
  5. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    I have new wheels and 35" tires on order and I hope they will be here this week. In the mean time I have been reading about reprogramming my Jeep for the larger tires. I know I will never remember to get used to the speedo being off a bit and end up with a ticket. So, in terms of cost both of...
  6. Audio, CB & Ham Radios, GPS, & Electrical
    Does anyone know how to get the TrailDash to automatically flip into camera mode just by putting your jeep in reverse? It is a bit of a PITA to toggle through the main menu and select "view camera" after you've gone into reverse.
  7. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    So i went and bought myself a flashpaq 3875 for my 1999 XJ and it does not come close to what i want. I'm a firefighter in the high country of colorado so i'll be burning down the highway at the speed limit of 75mph(exactly the speed limit, never over. Never... :shhh: ) and i've got to maximize...
  8. Engines & Drivetrain
    I'm wondering about when to turn overdrive off, I have a few questions: 1. I read the general rule of thumb is to keep it on when cruising above 50mph (highway driving) and to turn it off when stopping and going under 50mph, or when towing. Is this a good rule? The site I read it on was not...
  9. Jeep Builds
    After being exposed to the East Coast Off-Road Racing Series I made it my mission to complete a build to compete in a class in ECORS. After making a low ball offer to a guy at work selling his TJ of $500 I became the new owner of a rusty, wreaked, but running decent 2000 Jeep Wrangler. I have...
  10. WK Grand Cherokee & XK Commander Forum
    Question - Should I reprogram my WK with my Superchips programmer after adding an AFE Stage 2 intake? Like, do I have to change a setting in the programmer telling it that I added a CAI, then reprogram, or does it work best as is? Hope the question makes sense.
  11. Vendor Display
    Forum Special! - Jeep Wrangler JK Flashpaq Tuner By Superchips with Free Shipping! I have got an extra special deal going for a limited time on JK Flashpaq's. This is for JEEPForum & WranglerForum members ONLY. You will need to CALL! This is for a limited time and through the end of...
  12. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I have a special project I am working on, on my TJ and I am looking for a device that can read real-time sensor data, like O2 (front/rear), Coolant, Intake Temp, Timing Advance, MAF, and MAP. Does the Superchips do this? Know of something that does? I bought a Ultra-Gauge (which is AWESOME...
  13. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    Just installed my lift and tires, I also loaded my superchips tune on as well and was wondering how to disbable the annoyign light?? THe wheels dont have the sensors on them and I dont have a need to have the light on. any ideas???
  14. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    Well after weeks of working with Diablo to update my tuner (and failing) I have decide to send it back and try a Superchips. Kinna disapointed cause now there will be no custom tunes and little reason to get a CAI. Does Superchips have any customs tunes on the tuner that are for the a CAI or are...
  15. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    I am currently using a Superchip on my Rubi and I am very satisfied with it, however; my AEV premium lift will come with the Procal. My question is since the Procal does not adjust the power of the truck i.e advancing spark and shift points but does have other useful features. Could you use...
  16. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    will be running 35" on a 4 door Sahara in the next 2 days (4.10 ratio) I have the money for the flashpaq already or should I just wait a couple months (4-6) till i have enough for re-gearing (eventually will have both) I keep hearing lots of good thing from doing the flashpaq?
  17. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    Let me start by saying that I do not work nor am I affiliated with Superchips company in anyway and furthermore have been a long time skeptic of programmers...... With that said, on with my review.... As the title states. OMFG!!!! This is the absolute best $300 you will ever spend on your JK. I...
  18. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Has anyone tried this programmer yet? I just received an email on it from my supplier. I was going to install the Edge Trailjammer kit but they are claiming this programmer alone with add 28 hp at the rear wheels of the TJ???
1-18 of 19 Results