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  1. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hello, I just bought a 2016 Jeep Wrangle Unlimited Sahara with a hard top. It is nice to take the freedom panels out but would like to get a soft top that can fold completely down giving me the openness of having the hard top off but till able to quickly put it back up if it rains. I have...
  2. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Alright ladies and gents, I've run into dilemma. Back in 2010 I installed a 4" Skyjacker Economy lift on my 04 TJ, along with some 33x10.5 tires. The ride is unbelievably rough and it's began taking a toll on the interior of the ride. I know have a dash that is starting to riddle along with a...
  3. Jeep CJ Forum
    Does anybody know of anywhere I can get just replacement windows for a factory soft top? I backed into a tree and cracked my rear soft top window on my 81 CJ5. I am either looking for a rear window, material to sew in, or a complete top replacement skin. ANy help would be appreciated.
  4. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    My plan is to remove my stock soft-top completely and keep on a bikini/safari top full time. I would like to have it mesh, but something that will also stop the rain and make a good seal from door to door to windshield. I'd also need a recommendation on what to do for the back to keep it...
  5. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hi All, Yes, I've searched this and haven't found much information as to actual replacement. Oddly enough my driver's side soft top latch busted yesterday. Specifically one of the rivets gave out. I managed to squeeze it back in place to get the top latched down, however it needs to be...
  6. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    We picked up a 93 YJ with a hard top. I found a soft top at the junkyard with all the hardware, half doors and soft uppers. Problem is, I can't get it to fit. Its seems to fit just fine from the windshield to the center bow. After that, it appears to be too small to be able to : 1. fully...
  7. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I need to replace the soft top on my 87 YJ and I am looking at getting a Bestop Sailcloth but I can only find the sailcloth for the 88 YJ...will this one fit my Jeep? The images show it with the family roll cage and hardware (box), I have the sport roll cage and hardware (angle).
  8. Jeep Buying Forum
    I am currently going to purchase an 89 wrangler sahara with the soft top and doors included. Say i went and bought a hard do i know if the full doors I buy will fit with the hard top I purchase?
  9. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hello, I just bought a used soft top for my 2012 JKU and I believe I am missing some parts. I have the actual canvas top with the three windows. I have the door surrounds for both sides and I have just a tailgate bar for the back. Is there a checklist/ diagram that is out there with all of the...
  10. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I am looking for semi-objective opinions here. I just bought my first Jeep. A 93 YJ. It has a shredded Bestop Supertop. To replace the supertop skin and buy new supertop compatible soft upper doors will cost as much as a complete new Supertop. I could also revert to an OEM soft top frame...
  11. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    First off, be easy on me guys if this is something that has been answered I've searched but this is my first thread because I can't find it... Now to the question. I'm hopefully getting a 4dr Sahara auto trans sometime in the next week or so (2007) and was thinking of lifting it 2-3" so I can...
  12. Jeep CJ Forum
    Hey guys, I'm selling/trading my hardtop (see the classified section) and planing on getting a bikini top and other soft top for a family roll-cage. Any recommendations? I was even considering making one, anyone done that? Thanks
  13. Jeep Picture Requests
    I want to see what type of doors you guys are running. Full steel, half, soft, tube, whatever! I am trying to get a feel for which i like most and what i will get when i finally get my jeep this summer (praying)
  14. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Ive done some searching on how to install a soft top but Ive had no luck. Its getting warm out and its time for the hard top to go. However, this is my first time putting up the soft top and Im having a hard time installing all of the brackets for the top. Does anyone have any pictures or...
  15. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    Not sure if this has been posted before. I tucked the whole rear of the top up into itself and hid the side panels up in between the top and rear. Also, I built myself a wall mounted door holder.
  16. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Got mine off of Ebay, only place I could find the Spice tops in stock. Received it Tuesday evening but had gotten "beat up" installing new wheels and tires with a jack that was too small, plus it was probably 110+ in our garage so I was drained. I woke up early Wednesday before work and pulled...
  17. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    I removed my hard top to go wheeling. When I returned I did not have an extra person available to put it back on. I ended up putting the soft top on instead. Which made me realize in the passing week that it is such a pain in the ### to put up and down compared to the 30 seconds for the hard top...
  18. General Jeep & Off-Road Equipment
    trying to find out the best bikini top to buy for someone...any favorite brands? thanks! :tea:
1-18 of 29 Results