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  1. Vendor Deals
    FOX has released a newly tuned 2.5" Performance Series shock specifically for the Jeep JL. These new Performance Series shocks feature consistent and fade-resistant performance due to high-quality materials: 2.5-inch aluminum bodies and race-developed main piston with a true internal floating...
  2. WK Grand Cherokee & XK Commander Forum
    Going to be replacing the rear shocks with Bilstein 5100s and this will be the biggest job I will do on my Jeep! What tools do I need and what should I look out for? I have WD40 and some basic household hand tools. :smile2:
  3. Jeep CJ Forum
    Hi all, So my cj needs new shocks, PO had a SOA lift but never ended up swapping driveshafts and such. Anyways, old shocks are too long for stock (I think) ride hight. My problem is the front shock mounting bolts measure 10.5" centre to centre and everywhere I'm seeing shocks for Cj7 the...
  4. Rancho Suspension
    Ever need to replace the knob at the base of your RS9000XL shock? Check out this short "how to" video on the ease of replacing them!! Enjoy!
  5. Rancho Suspension
    Check out this year's Shocktober shock rebate!! You can take advantage of it with the purchase of either 2 shocks or 4!!! Check with your favorite retailer on pricing and thank you for the continued support! Tips to Ensure Timely Processing of Rebates: •...
  6. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    Looks like me rear is saggin a bit. Is this a normal thing? Also, a couple months ago somebody told me it looked like I had a head gasket leak. The thing has been driving fine, and a couple other people said that was just **** on my engine. Any one else wanna take a look? Ive uploaded some...
  7. Jeep CJ Forum
    Got a 78 CJ-7 over 20 years ago. Never replaced springs or shocks. Very rough ride. Didn't notice it bothering me for years, but now, if I ride 30 min in the Jeep on the highway, my lower back, just above the hip, has a really sharp pain on the right side, over the lead foot. There's no give...
  8. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    (Coincidentally, that was also my nickname in high-school...) I realize now that I am considering a Budget Boost pretty much solely so I can stick in some Bilstein 5100s in (-- I'm more often on hwy and occasional dirt roads with heavy load than "offroading"). I'm probably NOT going to even be...
  9. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    okay big question before i settle down with my Rubicon Express 3.5 lift kit. Should i go with Fox 2.0 IPF or Bilstein 5100? Whats the real difference in ride quality between the 2?
  10. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    I've been having a loud popping noise in the front right and left side whenever i'm braking in reverse, and sometimes normal braking. Doesn't do it while i turn and its more of a noise compared to a bad u-joint. i had a u-joint go out on me before so i know what that feels like but this is...
  11. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    I've noticed something's wrong with my right front suspension lately and it's getting worse. I go on trails with my jeep, nothing special, just a little trail next to some train tracks close to where I live. There's bumps and humps, you know, everything that makes a trail. If I go just fast...
  12. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    so before people give me crap, i did search and never found a definitive answer some say get the 2-3" some say 4" will botom out doing the F>R swap, and i need to find out what CORRECT size shocks i need. most companies are 2-3" or 4" lift shocks, so are 2-3" going to be "good enough"...
  13. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    just looking for opinion on which shock is preferred. thnx
  14. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    hey i have a stock 1990 yj and i'm getting a trailmaster 3 inch lift(no shocks) with bilstein 5100's, i read somewhere that i will need to buy new bump stops. i dont know wat i need or even wat to do with them. any advice or recommendations will b great. thnx
  15. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    i was wondering on getting a 3in lift without shocks on a yj and i was wondering wat would b the best choice. my limit is around 900. i will be buying Bilstein 5100 shocks because i have heard good things about them. any recommendations will be helpful. the sites i can get them off of wuld be...
  16. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    I need to replace the upper shock bushings on the rear shocks (09 JK). Does anyone know of a good aftermarket source, or am I stuck going to the dealership? I searched around on a few different Jeep/Mopar sites with no luck. Thanks in advance.
  17. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hey i need new shocks and i obviusly want a lift:thumbsup: well i can only go 2 inches so ima go with that. I was wondering if any of you had any sugestions for a lift with shocks. Im a teen without a job so money is an issue :mad:
  18. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    Here is a list I made when I was picking out shocks for my home brew lift. Putting it down on paper really helped me pick the right shocks for me so I hope it can help some one else. I used air shocks front and rear, mostly because of cost and so I could level the back easily. But I listed...
  19. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Im lookin for a little bit better ride for my tj Can you just swap out the springs with new ones and could i possibly gain a few inches with this?
  20. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I have done tons of work with my suspension and others, but have never used anything besides a standard $35 shock absorber (BDS, DT3000, Rancho, etc). I'm at a point where I would like to upgrade to a major improvement over what I have- which is currently the $37 BDS shocks. Assuming coilovers...
1-20 of 57 Results