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  1. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hello everyone, I recently came across a 2004 rubicon For $13,000 and it appears to be all stock with a soft top and it has a nv3550 it’s a one owner and garage kept and it’s a southern Jeep with little rust and it has 88,000 miles on it and it’s not beat up at all so I was wondering if this is...
  2. JL Wrangler Technical Forum
    Will a 2014 BesTop TrekTop NX that was used on a Rubicon fit on a 2021 JL? Thank you!
  3. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Just picked up a nice 2005 LJ Rubicon that's been sitting since 2014. Rear locker works fine, Front locker did not lock, and the front air pump runs continuously until the lockers are switched off. I understand that this is because the air pump cannot get the line up to 5psi, indicating an air...
  4. Videos
    This is a piece of an old excursion, but I'm trying to build my YouTube channel and hopefully in 4 years make enough to(with the military pension) not have to do normal work. Lil Aloha Idaho - Kailani almost hits the GoPro
  5. Jeep Engineering - Q&A Archive
    I just really relaced my rzappa on my 18’ Rubicon. my issue is I have torqued everything down and back in place and my snap ring is on the work bench not on the spline shaft it is the Tera flex replacement. Will I have to purchase a new kit or is it possible to get the cover plate off without...
  6. Jeeps For Sale
    17" Black Rhino Wheels (5) 37 x 12.5 (5) Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires (3k miles on them) Rear MOPAR tire Carrier Road Armor Stealth Body Armor Fender Flares Road Armor Inner Stainless Inner Fender wells Road Armor Stealth Rear Bumper Road Armor Front Winch Bumper 10-s Winch Custom LED Front Beams...
    $65,000 USD
  7. Jeep Builds
    I am interested in slapping on the magnaflow overland kit on my 2012 2 door Rubicon but the kit is only for the unlimited. Does anyone know if it's possible to modify this kit to fit on the 2 door? The other kit that does fit is the rock crawler set up but the overland kit seems to have a...
  8. Jeeps For Sale
    Red Rubicon for sale, mostly stock, daily driver, not used off road. Low mileage of 46,780, very good condition, black leather seats, GPS navigator, soft top. The reason for this price is due to three warranties that would be transferrable to the new owner, full bumper to bumper up to 72,000...
    $34,500 USD
  9. Jeep Buying Forum
    Doing a little test to see whats currently out there being built! Seems like these types of threads keeps all of us entertained & up to date on stuff we didn't know we needed to know! What are you doing to your Jeep this week? We would love to hear about your process & what you're currently up...
  10. Jeeps For Sale
    2003 Jeep Rubicon -4.0L 6-Cylinder Gas Engine -Manual 5speed -Silver Exterior, Charcoal Interior -Soft Top, Hard Doors, Tube Doors -Custom Front Bumper w/ Warn 9.5ti winch w/ synthetic rope -Custom Rear Bumpers w/ Tire Carrier holds (2) Jeri Cans plus storage rack. Built in Tow...
    $20,000 USD
  11. Tires & Wheels
    Here is a ready-to-roll set of wheels and tires that were removed from a 2008 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with approximately 8,000 miles on the tires. The tires don't have patches, and don't show signs of off-road abuse (the corners of the treads are still sharp(ish). A couple of the wheels have...
    $295 USD
  12. JT Gladiator Technical Forum
    Hey y’all, I’ve just recently bought my first Jeep, a gladiator rubicon, and I’m wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a good quality winch for a reasonable price. I’ve scoured the forums but most of the posts are quite dated and the prices are starkly different than what is out there...
  13. Jeep Wrangler Forums
    I have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4.0L with PO420 code and have narrowed it down to a bad cat. Not sure if if it’s the pre cats or not but I’m wondering what my options are. New cats cost a fortune and I’m wondering if I can replace the system with headers.
  14. Vehicles For Sale
    Color is Red Rock Crystal, 170,000 miles I am the original owner. I have the original tires, soft top and hard top, and hard top stand/ carrier. Considering all offers. Runs great, jeep has 2.5” lift, front bumper, winch, and cat back exhaust.
  15. JK Wrangler Technical Forum
    Hey legends, New to the group and kinda of new to the Jeep world (2 years). So, my slug is a 2014 JKU Rubicon. She’s recently been leaking from the front axle on both sides. First off I thought, easy axle seals are gone but upon looking they seem fine. So my second thought was the diff was too...
  16. New Members/Introductions
    New to Jeep, new to this forum. Living in Destin Florida. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, 2-door, 6-speed. No mods planned right now, just learning the Jeep and figuring out the Manual Trans. MQ
  17. Tires & Wheels
    I live in the Metro-Detroit Area in Michigan and am selling a set of (5) BF Goodrich All Terrain AT KO2 Tire. Model: LT285/70R17C OWL Off-Road Tires Stock OEM from Jeep 33 inch tires with all tread left, 0 miles on them took delivery of my new wrangler and swapped them out for larger 35inch...
  18. Jeep Buying Forum
    Back in October, I got the chance to spend some time with the 2020 Gladiator Rubicon. When I was young I spent some time in older CJs and in my adolescence I had a 4x4 so I spent some time off-road. I had all sorts of notions about Jeeps. I've gotta say, I was way off base. Newer jeeps...
1-18 of 362 Results