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  1. Fabrication Shop
    I am building a roll cage and wondered what the recommended tubing size is to create an internal splice. If I did my math correctly the inside diameter of the 1 5/8 .134 wall tube is 1.329" or just under an 1 1/3 inch. Looking at various spec sheets it seems that a 1 1/4 inch OD tube will...
  2. Fabrication Shop
    Hey folks, it has literally been years since I posted, I actually had to re-register. I am close to pulling the trigger on a jd2 bender to build a full cage on my XJ. I currently have a home brew snorkel that I don't want to put back once it is off. I have the cage basically designed but am...
  3. Vendor Display
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  4. JD Squared Inc
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  5. General Jeep & Off-Road Equipment
    So i'm looking at a roll cage for my 85 CJ7. Poison Spyder is nice and all but i don't have 1,100 dollars to buy it. I found a 6 point cage kit from Extreme Custom Fabrication and im wondering if anyone on here has any experience with them or have the cage in their rig. Thanks :newbie:
  6. Jeep CJ Forum
    I know that this topic has been addressed over and over through many threads and posts which were all very helpful to me, but I was never able to find any posts that addresses exactly where to drill out the holes for the rear of the YJ spreader bars when adding them to a stock CJ Roll Bar. I...
  7. Jeep CJ Forum
    I have an 81 cj7 and I'm looking into buying there bolt in cage. The entire thing. I am stuck on the mounts and not sure if i want to do a frame mount or bucket mount. I know the back and forth about the two. I'm looking to hear from anyone who has gotten one of these and what mounts they used...
  8. Vendor Display
    Model 32 Manual Bender Very popular machine. Built in anti spring back features allow you to have tension on the tubing at all times. Having this feature allows you to bend borderline thinner material. This machine as well is able to convert to hydraulic if need be. The list price on the...
  9. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    So I Rolled my Jeep Grand Cherokee at Superstition Last week oppss :P Car did a front flip and smashed the roof bent the upper part of the door and the rear hatch I've been doing some searching and haven't found any pictures of a ZJ without the top, I've seen XJ but no ZJ :( any one got any...
  10. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Bought an or fab bolt in roll cage and began installing it. but when I got got to the 2 bolts holding the stock roll bars next to the b pillar there are these almost like locking torx screws. looks like a normal t50 head but it has a pin in the middle. is there a special piece I need to undo these?
  11. General Jeep & Off-Road Equipment
    As anyone with a jeep knows the roll cage stops where the windshield supports and windshield starts. I want to continue the bars all the way around to give it some extra support. Any ideas or opinions on what I should do? I saw a couple kits I could buy but they seem way too expensive.
  12. XJ/MJ Cherokee Non-Technical Forum
    Who's ever rolled their XJ before? I get **** from my buddy with a CJ-7 all the time cause he's got the stock roll bar and I got nothing but a unibody to keep me from getting flattened. How well can these things stand up to rolling?
  13. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    Who's ever rolled their XJ before? I get **** from my buddy with a CJ-7 all the time cause he's got the stock roll bar and I got nothing but a unibody to keep me from getting flattened. How well can these things stand up to rolling?
  14. Vendor Display
    NOW AVAILABLE AT WWW.ROCKRIDGE4WD.COM The Rock Hard 4x4 idea started back the 1980's. Lewis Barth and son, James, have been building off road cages and bumpers for over 20 years. In the 1990's they were building so many cages for friends, transporting them became a challenge. Having to weld...
  15. YJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I was thinking of getting a different roll bar for my YJ. I have a Family style one currently. The following pictures are the two I would like and the oen I currently Have. Please let me know if it would be stupid of me to get rid of the one i have. I really like the look of the other ones...
  16. Paint and Body
    Hey guys, looking for some advice here. Soon I will be doing several interior mods to my TJ and I'll have it completely stripped. I had add-ons to the stock cage welded in and I need to paint the bare metal soon. I figured I'd just do a rattle can job on it but I'm not sure what type of paint...
  17. Jeep CJ Forum
    I am looking to make some mods to my roll cage due to some interference between by existing cage and the YJ half doors I recently added. I have seen A-Pillar kits such as ones made by Poison Spyder that are constructed out of plate stock and huge the dash that seem to put them out of the way...
  18. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I have a 98 sport with the factory roll cage/bars (not sure the difference) But what is the point of the brackets with holes in them sticking out the sides?
1-19 of 32 Results