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  1. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    Hello all, I've posted here a few times before and was wanting to get some more advice. I bought my Jeep about a month ago and after purchasing it I realized that it had no rear sway bar, I haven't even checked if the front are there yet. I am going to get a sway bar off of a scrapped 98...
  2. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    Im putting on a 3" bds lift soon and im wondering a) will the rear swaybars still work with this and also if not what are some companys that sell rear swaybars, i dont want discos rears
  3. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    I am preparing to install a lift kit on my 99 wrangler 6cyl. I am using PB Blaster on all the nuts and bolts I need to remove. My question is, Are there 2 sway bar brackets/ connections on the rear? It looks like there is only one on the rear passenger side. Thanks.
  4. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    So I just got my Jeep back form the shop that installed my 5.5 RK lift and while I was going through all the old parts that came off I found the rear sway bar in the pile. Simple fix one would think...... BUT the rear brackets are all GONE on the axle. Im about to hear out to the Rubicon and...
  5. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    During the install of my 4 inch RC lift i twisted the head off of one of the rear sway bar frame bolts.I dont think i can get the bolt with no head out, i could get the mount welded if needed. Is the rear sway bar needed? will it hold with only 1 bolt while i drive to my welders? or should i...
  6. TJ Wrangler Technical Forum
    After lifting my TJ 3 1/2 inched with teraflex springs, I also tok my rear sway bars off in an attempt to increase flex. Since i really didnt test the flex before taking these off, i was wandering if it was a pointless waste of my time. The driving really isnt that much different except i can...
1-6 of 6 Results