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  1. ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum
    I have a 95 gc limited and yesterday the lift gate stopped working. I already searched for this but none of the solutions i found seem to work. I pulled the panel from the inside and i actually wound up cracking it but at least it makes it easier to get inside. I found the threaded rod and...
  2. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    You read it right, I have somehow managed to get the latch stuck closed, and the door is open. It's not locked and I've tried to pull on it with a bar as I pull the latch, no luck. Any other ideas out there?? Thanks, DK
  3. XJ Cherokee Technical Forum
    The trunk of my XJ will not open. The handle outside feels kind of loose like there are bolts that need to be tightened down. I've tried cycling the power locks and sticking the key right in the keyhole on the trunk latch, but it WILL NOT OPEN! I looked inside the vehicle and it looks like I...
1-3 of 3 Results